Fabrizio Pinzi

was born in Pistoia in 1941 but he considers himself to be a full-fledged Florentine as he has lived in this city all his life, only to move into a farm-house immersed in the Tuscan countryside later on. After having frequented the Institute of Art he changed his profession completely and it was only after the year 1985 that he felt the need to dedicate his time to painting.

A surrealist painter with a love and constant interest for all that concerns art, his paintings are a simbolic transfiguration of reality where past, present, and future puzzle, along with a fantastic magic world Emphasized by the brightness of colour. His figures seem to be locked in their mysterious uncertain dimension and almost seem to wait for a sign to wake up from their motionless sleep; to finalise I would like to point out the definition that Fabrizio Pinzi leaves:

An inspiration of an immense melting pot where the world that surrounds me joins my anguish, my dreams, desires and uncertainty… Within myself.

Pinzi Fabrizio