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Fabrizio Pinzi - Painter


Vittorio Sgarbi

Fabrizio Pinzi is a conscious surrealist. A Surrealist who does not exhibit his dreams in painting, but his belonging to an artistic society that focuses on the dream, the vision, of which Magritte, Max Ernst, De Chirico and Salvador Dalì are evidently the tutelary names. In his conception there is the sense of absence, of the desolation of spaces, it is the element that most unites him to Magritte. But there is also a reference to Escher’s ability to invent, therefore a code of modernity in which Pinzi inserts his own original conception. It’s not a citation of sources, Magritte or Dalì, it’s an interpretation of that language translated into a personal language: like a declination of the surrealist language. We see it in a painting like “The Mountain”, where the moon becomes an eye, and that eye indicates a penetration of one’s conscience, as if the representation of an external image were the reflection of one’s own inner condition. So self-analysis, psychoanalysis, a vision in which the artist tries to find within himself something that is not clear to him, in an awareness of the form but in an unconscious that moves and determines a particularly original and recognizable variant of surrealism. From this point of view, he is inside a world that hasn’t had particular luck in Italy. It is a world rather linked to the French world, to the Belgian world, to the world where figuration has been safeguarded through the surrealist language. So, he’s not a figurative painter, but he’s an original surrealist. Which is not easy in a world where the great masters have occupied so much space that there is little left. What little space Pinzi occupies.



Exposed to “Spoleto Arte” Fabrizio Pinzi: the surrealist painter of fantastic, magical worlds, dominated by bright colors, by characters that seem stuck in a mysterious and disturbing dimension, almost waiting for a sign to awaken from their stillness. In his paintings it is as if the dreamlike component catalyzes everything by giving it light and tone. Pinzi was interviewed during the exhibition of his works at the prestigious exhibition “Spoleto Arte”, extended for the success achieved until 27 August 2015 and curated by Vittorio Sgarbi in Spoleto inside Palazzo Leti Sansi. The organizational management of the event is once again of the culture manager Salvo Nugnes, president of Spoleto Arte. Interviewed, Pinzi talks to us about his painting, about the themes and about his projects, but also about his esteem for the great scientist Margherita Hack and the importance of the Venice Biennale and the Expo. Following the interview:

1) We have heard of his presence at the great exhibition of “Spoleto Arte” curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, set up at Palazzo Leti Sansi in Spoleto; how is the opportunity to participate in this important initiative? Is this the first time I exhibit in Spoleto?
Already in 2014 I was offered the opportunity to participate in the exhibition “Spoleto Arte” and then I was impressed by the whole context that took place around the exhibition. This experience has led me to participate in the 2015 edition.
2) Which works did you exhibit? Which techniques are used and which themes are they inspired by?
The exhibited works are: “The game of power”, “Introspection”, “Homeric ghosts”, “Generational transition which future we inherit?”. The technique is oil on canvas, the one I prefer, and which gives me the best results. The themes that inspire me are intimately linked to me and to everything that surrounds me, with a strong dreamlike component that catalyzes everything.
3) The exhibition of “Spoleto Arte” has been the symbolic frame around the second edition of the “Margherita Hack Award”; his thoughts on the figure of the scientist and on his precious contribution in the many years of studies and research.
I believe that everything that is done to maintain and enhance the memory of illustrious Italians is worth doing. In particular, a great woman like Margherita Hack, who was an example not only of life, but also a great scientist.
4) Can you tell us what your future plans are and what are you currently working on?
Currently I have a series of landscapes of my Tuscany in bridge seen and realized in my own way. Also, I’m about to start a new collaboration with an American Gallery, in the past, I’ve already had relationships with American Galleries getting good results.
5) This is the year of the Expo; has he gone or will he visit the great universal exposition? Do you think it can be useful and positive also for the art sector?
I do not know if I will go to visit Expo, but I think it is an excellent showcase to show the world how brilliant Italians are in all fields starting from food (which Art is).
6) Concurrently with the Expo there is also the prestigious Venice Biennale; how do you consider this international showcase and what synergy can there be with the Expo?
I would say that there is an excellent synergy between the two. Both are important manifestations that express and stand out the way of being Italians who, in terms of food, art, culture, organization, have nothing to envy to anyone.


SPOLETO ARTE – uff. Stampa Milano

As part of the great exhibition of “Spoleto Arte” extended until 27 August 2015 there are names of current art, gathered under the curatorship of Vittorio Sgarbi. Among them also the painter Fabrizio Pinzi. The exhibition can be visited with free admission inside Palazzo Leti Sansi, between via Arco di Druso and Piazza del Mercato in Spoleto. The organizer of the event is the culture manager Salvo Nugnes, president of Spoleto Arte. On the style, which distinguishes it, it was written: “From the figurations proposed arise the component of the dream and the fervid impulse of the imagination and the spirit of inventiveness, the result of the magic touch of art depositary of a submerged, mysterious world, enigmatic, composed of codes to be deciphered and interpreted and able to penetrate the heart and mind of sensible spirits, Pinzi is the spokesman of a modern and innovative conception of art, which however remains firmly rooted in the formulas handed down and perpetrated by tradition and to the stylistic influence recovered and acquired by the classics, albeit always resolving, with decisive firmness, the principle of emulation and imitation. “And yet it is specified:” He does not want to copy or resemble any other artist except to himself and undertakes a path of coherent and conscious exclusivity. The primary intent he pursued is to make think, to transfer and transport strongly evocative images on canvas, which are transformed into symbols and metaphors, in the spirit of the acute and careful observers and never to disappoint himself, placing himself before horizons new to reach, with enthusiastic propensity “.



The beauty of Surrealism is to have no rules. It ‘a painting that more of the other imposes his own unconscious, hence the self. If we are far away from psychoanalysis, we just look at this reality is not reality. But are we sure that this world of dreams, is not sometimes more real than some waking moments? The dream book Freud is very complex and interpretive. Do not look for reasons, we look at what we have inside, and appaghiamoci the beauty of this painting that Pinzi expresses, at the highest level. Sometimes some reference to the metaphysical world, but the diaphragm is thin and always consistent. The static nature of some paintings, it’s like a waiting for an event. firm figures, which turn, almost never look at you in this world without limits. How could it be otherwise. Our unconscious can have? No, he guides us, but never for depredarci. How could he, of our most hidden, be detached. The unconscious lives with us because we are his, he is us. And here Pinzi manages to express the maximum, leaving occasionally a trace of regret. Very personal are the landscapes of the Tuscan countryside, where the green of nature, becomes warm colors, almost golden, pleasant to like its still lakes, no waves. Moments that lead ever in a defined time.



Fabrizio Pinzi, born in Pistoia but Florentine by adoption since lived peacefully in Florence to the decision to go and live in a lovely house on the hillsides from the fascinating beauty, just outside the town of Castelfiorentino. In his home, very personally furnished, there are several interesting collections (including his wife) but what I almost blocked temporarily breathing was seeing much of the pictorial creation of Pinzi depart on the walls of each room, hallway or corner inside the entire house. After such emotions, I, I love madly – in addition to Metaphysics – even the Symbolism and Surrealism, I’m impressed by reflecting on what the painter was able to donate to parties symbolic or surreal, with rich colors of his palette which are images which sometimes they seem to slip into a bottomless vortex next door and meditations and memories. But, with the passage of time. Fabrizio increasingly lover of shapes and colors, approached too quickly to Metaphysics, in his paintings, as well as form, was inspired even better with indisputable beauty creations thanks to the colors of the manicured as you play, becoming a source of great emotion as the creativity and imagination that there are widespread. I do not have to be satisfied with having admired the continued application of this cute artist, full of extraordinary flair for color and comes with a virtual uncommon strength that accompanies the desire to “juggle” almost magically between dream suggestions that recall the lessons given by painters of the past. But Pinzi from real author, will continue to paint with great creative and artistic commitment not common and most sensitive to the color. Thanks Fabrizio for giving me the opportunity to visit the “Beauty”, the one that you have been able to create with both the sensitive capacity and with strict inspiration and not common to most. I will always remember fondly the polite and friendly reception that she and her husband have given me.



The pictorial expression of Fabrizio Pinzi traces imprint intense, vibrant, original and personalized. It ‘a painting mainly focused on images of figurative matrix, surrealist and metaphysical, with hints hyperrealism, characterized by a continuous and constant research perspectives and combinations of light and chiaroscuro lighting effects, that every vision of inspiration and fantastic dream encloses and maintains itself. This light is like a kind of “divine spark” that is inside of us, is the light and radiant energy cosmic whipping, flowing and expands our mind and that is able to overshadow all darkness, to revive the darkness the unconscious, the darkness of the soul, the dark sides generated by negative thoughts. The works are made with skillful chromatic virtuosity, with clever touches, balanced, calibrated and meticulous, that validate and reinforce the abundant technical precision of flawless execution of the design. The compositions are structured through effective combination of juxtaposition of images, subjects, figurative elements and components, gathered together in a scenario of immediate effect choreography, which attracts the attention and attracts at first glance. The representations, from the sphere evocative fantastic and imaginary projections reflect spiritual and introspective and existential experience of the artist. The brightness emerges and “resurrected” metaphorical darkness of matter, to give light to the world of souls. It outlines an orchestration of the whole based on symbols derived from the binomial and the dichotomy light / shadow, placed in mingling in the bright and lit gradation of tones and colorful shades. Figurations proposals derive the component of the dream and fervent impulse of the imagination and the spirit of invention, the result of the “magic touch of art” that it is the repository of an underwater world, mysterious, enigmatic, composed of codes to decipher and interpret and that is able to penetrate into the heart and mind of the spirits sensitive. Pinzi is spokesman for a modern design and innovative art, which remains too firmly rooted to formulas handed down and carried out by tradition and recovered and gained stylistic influence from the classics, albeit avoiding always, with strong firmness, the principle of emulation and imitation. Sinks inspiration on a recasting it internalized his own, made of “Records lived and notes of life.” It offers us a painting marked by an order sophisticated and elegant, with a refined and focused “consolidation and alignment” of components, based on an ideal of the old school, back to the present and updated, in the name of the exaltation of beauty, the creative, the constructive dell’arricchente. He does not want to copy or look like no other artist, if not to himself, and embarks on a path of consistent and conscious exclusivity. In the pictures it finds a mix alchemical balanced cohesion: a bit ‘of the metaphysical, a bit’ of surreal, a bit ‘of hyperrealism, a bit’ of coloristic expressionism. Pinzi leads viewers to land in a port visionary yet unknown, to discover and packed with amazing scenarios and prospects, imbued with subliminal messages. It detaches itself convincingly from painting purely commercial, being a kind alien and detached from his way of understanding art and making art. The primary aim he pursued, is to think, to transfer, and carry on the canvas highly evocative images, which are transformed into symbols and metaphors in the spirit of acute and observant and never disappoint himself, setting new horizons in front to achieve with enthusiastic appetite. His art of surreal mixed with dimensions and locations of the real, which reveals un’insita conceptual thick. The user you can capture multiple references and references to those ravines particular, forming the complex and multifaceted sphere of the human unconscious. Pinzi can be considered an artist “alchemical” straining forward to the changes and developments and to the use of symbols and perspectives of representation most unusual and atypical, that become cornerstones and milestones essential to bring out the links connected to the three worlds of existence: matter, mind and spirit.



Fabrizio Pinzi Surrealism prepare a load of meanings, restarting from Dali and Max Ernest. Preclude In the future, an old advances potandosi with a dry branch, to a tree flourishing. Opera fun but elegant.


The surrealist Fabrizio Pinzi brings his works at the Spoleto Arts 2014

In the historic Palazzo Leti Sansi, in the Market Square in Spoleto, from June 27th to July 24th there will be the famous exhibitions “Spoleto Art” curated entrusted to the critic Vittorio Sgarbi and the organization’s managers producer Unless Nugnes. In the large group of participating artists was also selected the renowned maestro Fabrizio Finzi, which exhibit interesting paintings influenced by the surrealist master mold, the primary source of inspiration of his personal search for expression. By passionate fantasy painting Finzi captures a symbolic emblem arising from its precious spiritual wealth, which creates images of incredible visionary, who want to impress and amaze the viewer through the original conceptual artificiality of their development. Failed the strict inhibitions and mental barriers constraining the rational consciousness in him the instinct prevails irrational ideational give life to figures and subjects from virtuoso color effect, only in appearance may seem incongruous in the disposition but that makes a clearly delimited and defined. In it, the performances and the colors take on a ‘enigmatic and mysterious depth of meaning, letting the canvas a subconscious feeling, characterized by hyper-realistic and surreal evocations of an imaginary world, driven by dynamic impulses and desires introspective. It follows a complex set of factors and mechanisms fantastic and dreamlike, that referring to formidable surrealism with metaphors based on a subliminal language, encoded by a semantic which must be understood to instinctive level rather, that through rational reflection. The viewer is encouraged to perceive the right size of narration, in which Finzi reveals himself with impeccable communication effectiveness. A ‘footprint with spiritual symbolism, drawing from a substantial impeccable balance in the dialogue between shapes and colors to bring out the most of the constitutive essence,
suggesting multiple interpretations and points of interpretation.



We have a fantastic vision of the surreal world of grand opera Fabrizio Pinzi, spreading an atmosphere of pure visions to the limit of the metaphysical, in works painted in a light oil and characterized by vivid colors that fade in the range of bold synthesis and symbolism in endless alternation of light / shadow, even when not mentioned eroticism expression of a personal interpretation. The use of oil paint can be seen sloping perspectives and nuanced in ethereal spaces, empty rooms and sparse, where lurks a severe judgment expressed by upward.



Dial unusual shapes, using an alphabet of signs and well-defined color that allows new interpretations and narratives is the prerogative of the artist Fabrizio Pinzi. The protagonists of his works live suspended in a surreal dimension, filled with superb suggestions dream that recall the great lessons of the past. But it is not mere imitation, is reworking personal infallible intuition of the master painter Fabrizio Pinzi, accompanied by a desire to rewrite the dictates of human expression, without limitation, releasing talent and creativity.



Our (anxious civilization) according to Freud has tried to half-open the doors of unconsciousness commencing from one of the more recurring manifestations: dreams, a psychic uncontrolled activity that is mostly irrational. Here is the humus from which the paintings of Fabrizio Pinzi come to life, a fizzy Tuscan artist who lives and works in Castelfiorentino. In this way a coloured oneiric world rich with suggestions of explosive inventions of allusive, paradoxical situations, are introduced and inserted in a concrete and meticolous figurative reality provoking a great emotional impact. Added to this is also the use of hot colours, turgid stretches and an obsessive presence of feminine figures with frequent erotic features that seem to exit from an unreal dream.



Fabrizio Pinzi surrealist of notable fantasy and capacity draws, and with a fusion of colours, allow the artist to express himself with great energy. The fantastic world of Pinzi fuse with reality which is manipulated constantly from the idea of hidden significant meanings. Images which are both potential and clever in their constructive rapport and in the brightness of colour.



Fabrizio Pinzi lives and works in Castelfiorentino as a surrealist painter and his world is populated notably by symbolic refined outlined characters that make the link between a real world and that of a fantasy one more precious. The artist finds his own language in plays of surrelism; a language that is tied to his intimate personality.



We can judge the paintings by Fabrizio Pinzi owing to the metaphysical, psychological and allegorical aspects of his canvas. The meaningful contents are never casual for the formal aspects evidence a refined technique verging on a vision that is almost photographical. The symbol transferred on the canvas is composed by taking into consideration the element, the implement of live creation, the magic of fantastic tales, and it is the memory or the reality of everyday life which guide one as in the imaginary simbol of a woman represented as a prey. The artist willingly uses the mechanism of infinite spaces and therefore large surfaces which lack action to centralise spectators on a few characters or on one single thing that is represented. The life of Pinzi’s canvas stops and then starts up again: and he is the Director of this artificial world that becomes real. In his paintings it is the woman that he potentially submits as a simbol and a desire that moves the path of man.